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The initial hit of COVID-19 in the US seemed to have caused the most hysteria we have seen this whole decade. When looking back at when COVID-19 was just beginning to spread to local cities, people were at their highest emotion. People were reacting strongly to the news that this was a virus that is highly contagious and has the ability to kill. I my self remember when people were panic buying at grocery stores and buying toilet paper for no reason at all. A lot of this is to blame our country for. Realistically this country was not prepared to deal with a full fledged pandemic. The next large change that effected everyone’s lives was quarantine. Quarantine was a step in the right direction in terms of handling the virus, but this country is not able to support the needs that come with quarantine.

When quarantine was announced I was still attending my senior year in high school. I was then informed that in person learning would not be allowed. I was quite happy, seeing that I am able to just stay home and relax from my senior year. I was not informed that class work would still be required. I did not check my email. I was oblivious to homework until a friend texted me asking me if I have done the work assignment. I then checked and I have seen that I had many emails from my school. This situation made me begin to think how privileged I am to have WiFi and a phone/computer to check my email. I began to hear and see news about how people who work day to day and that are not as fortunate to have their own place with working WiFi and phone get fired or laid off. As you can understand this is extremely unfair. People have bills to pay and mouths to feed. If you are not privileged enough to have resources and are able to have a job in which you can have time off, you are at a complete disadvantage to the real world. I know of a couple of countries in which WiFi and Phone Service is Free for everyone. Greed is handicapping our ways of communication.